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Wrapping film


Stretch wrap film is a kind of packaging method which is used to stretch the goods under the normal temperature and stretch the film by mechanical drawing or manual. It is a form of packaging which is very popular in the world. It's good tensile properties, tear resistance, penetration resistance, high transparency, good high shrinkage and self adhesive, packing closely, not loose etc..

It can be widely used in chemical raw materials, chemical fertilizers, food, mechanical and electrical products, textile products and other single or pallet packing and other bundled packaging.

1. tensile packaging saves raw materials than shrinkage packing, and does not need heat shrinkable packer to save energy.

2., high strength, large elastic pulling force, and can be wrapped tightly for any geometric shape commodity, and it can avoid damage caused by bundling. It has good effect of preventing looseness, rain and dustproof.

3. can make use of high performance resin and excipients, and can meet the needs of different users in the maximum range.

4. can make a single sticky product, reduce the noise emitted during the winding process, and reduce the dust and sand in the process of transportation and storage.

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