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Metal pallet


The metal tray according to the design standard size ISO6780 series of international standards, with a standardized and universal, suitable for all kinds of transport in different countries, especially it has overcome the non-metallic materials hygroscopic deformation and metamorphism of weakness, suitable for air and ocean transportation of export products, electronics, food, medicine, chemical products storage and transportation.

Super light metal tray is our company based on foreign products to be perfected and developed. With high quality galvanized steel plate, it is made by high precision cold bending molding machine. The recycling rate is 100%, environmental protection and energy saving. Especially when used for export, it does not require fumigation, high temperature sterilization or anticorrosive treatment. It is in conformity with the decrees issued by the United States, Canada and the European Union for all packaging materials from China's entry into the country.

This product is a super light metal tray series for multi-purpose ground storage, shelf storage, cargo transportation, turnover and so on. The main material is galvanized steel plate, formed by special equipment, all kinds of profiles support each other, rivet connection is strengthened, and then welded by CO2 gas shielded welding. The surface is antiskid treatment, and the surrounding is treated by edge. The whole quality is light and the steel is strong. No fumigation, meet the requirements of environmental protection.

1, the bearing capacity is the strongest in the tray.

2, the metal tray 100% is environmentally friendly, and can be recycled and reused, and the resources are not wasted.

3, the surface of the metal tray is antiskid, and the periphery is treated with the edge. The tray chassis is strong, the whole quality is light and the steel is strong, and has the stable packing performance.

4, the metal tray is waterproof, moistureproof and Antirust;

5. Compared with the plastic pallet, it has strength, wear resistance, temperature resistance and price advantages.

6, especially for export, metal pallets do not need fumigation, high temperature disinfection or anticorrosion treatment, which conform to international environmental protection regulations.

7, the use of flexible metal tray (insert design, four direction to improve convenience, space utilization and operation in the strong base design is also in line with the use of line and automatic packaging system).

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